Journey so far…

I have a diverse professional background, collaborating with various industries, businesses of all sizes, and diverse operational models, offering a broad spectrum of expertise and experience.

Inhouse Journey

Through my in-house contributions, I’ve driven significant process improvements, fostered cross-functional collaboration, and delivered innovative solutions, contributing to the overall success and efficiency of the organization.

(Aug 2017 - Nov 2019)

(Dec 2019 - Jul 2021)

(Aug 2021 - Jun 2022)

(Jun 2022 - Present)

(Jun 2022 - Present)

Sidecar Contributions

I’ve contributed to various Sidecar projects or created a handful of resources and downloadables based on Industry trends and market.


Solster is a unified portal based on the Solana ecosystem to help crypto investors initiate & manage their decentralized finances.

DTC Drive

DTC Drive is a hub for everything DTC from trends, insights, playbooks & strategies to help DTC owners, marketers, partners & investors come together and grow togather.


2M+ ChatGPT prompts to kickstart your marketing initiatives such as creating compelling headlines, descriptions & copies that drive traffic, build engagement, & boost sales!


Largest ready-made eCommerce template library for marketing channels such as emails, SMS, forms & automation based on industries, categories & goals.

Let the Work Speak!

I have worked with diverse clients, ranging from local to technology startups, helping them achieve their goals through innovative solutions and data-driven strategies.